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About Me:

My name's Molly! I'm twenty-two years old and have been living in New Jersey my entire life. I am a community college graduate with a degree in liberal arts. How prestiges. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my future, but hey, let's just handle that one day at a time. One thing I do know is that I have a disgusting obsession with make-up. My boyfriend just doesn't get it. 

I've been playing with make-up since seventh grade. Back then I rocked purple lipstick and raccoon eyeliner. I thought I looked pretty good. I was greatly mistaken. I am completely guilty of using and abusing eyeliner. I won't deny that, but because I was so sickly addicted I think it really helped my look now! I promise I no longer look like a raccoon. I rocked thick brows for the longest time and was guilty of a slight uni-brow thanks to my mom never letting me get my eyebrows tweezed or waxed. When I discovered the magic of brow waxing I soon had that ever so adorable thin eyebrow look. I think I went through every single beauty "don't" in the entire world. You name it, I probably did it.

Of course now that I'm older I have a pretty good feel at what I'm doing. Of course I'm not amazing and no I'm not a makeup artist. Trust me, you'll figure that out quick. I am, however, an average girl that is willing to learn and to educate. Well, let us use educate lightly. 

My posts will mostly be hauls, reviews, swatches, tutorials, and face of the day. We can all have a laugh at absurd amounts of money I spend of products I may or may not know how to use. Watch me regret buying products that I've heard so many people rave about. Or visa versa. Look at colors pop or blend in on my pale skin. I'll show you some of the tips and tricks I've learned. Oh, and my favorite, we can watch my face transform as I learn new tips and tricks from you guys! Does this make me conceited? 


  • Skin Tone: Light with pink undertones. (Cool)
    • Tarte 12hr Full Coverage Amazonian Clay: Ivory
    • Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo: L46
My favorite website to find a good match for my skin is Findation. Also popular on /r/makeupaddiction.
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Problems: Dehydration, oily, large-ish pores, breakouts, slight redness
  • Hair: Dirty blonde, but I dye it so often that it's never natural
  • Eyes: Hazel