Wednesday, February 5, 2014

REVIEW: Freeman's Dead Sea Minerals Mask

Freeman's never disappoints me with their masks. Thank you redditors for the hype and my local ULTA for having a BOGO 50% + 20% coupon. ($3.99 regularly!) Such a bargain for such a great line of masks. Picked up the Dead Sea mask on a whim while at Rite-Aid, because I heard that this one was "nothing special", but I'm on the fence about this bad boy.
The scent wasn't as satisfying as the others in the line. Sort of upsetting because the color is so beautiful! A rich blue color which reminds you, of well, the sea. Since it IS a sea mask, I guess I shouldn't have expected it to small like edible deliciousness, but still!

The packet holds about 2 applications, maybe more if you apply it sparingly. Something I never do. It was also about $1 at the time. Not bad, since I didn't want to spend the full $4 on it. It feels nice on your skin and the color is fun to scare your family with.

I just don't love it. I want to love it so much because I love anything "anti-stress", but this just dried the crap out of my face. It says it is suppose to absorb excess oil, but I feel like it sucked me dry. I put so much lotion on after and even as I type this my face still feels tight. I'm very happy I didn't buy the full tube of it. I think I'll stick to my other masks instead.

Glad I tried it out though and I would say try it out if you have the chance. I just won't ever repurchase this specific one after I use up the packet.

Let me know which mask you like so I can check out more! I'm looking for hydrating ones.


  1. I think when it comes to masks, although annoying, the more expensive ones seem to be better!

    I really love REN, I'd recommend them!

    A Forte For Fashion


    1. I've been hearing great things about REN! Might cave in and try it out!

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