Tuesday, February 4, 2014

LIFESTYLE: January Favorites!

Figure this will be a good way to share with you my favorite products every month! Not only that, but it will help me see which products I love so I can quit re-buying the ones I never mention. Seeing this all around blogger has been a huge inspiration!

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser: I cannot express my love for this stuff! My face has cleared up so quickly and it just feels hydrating while washing, I mean how could I possibly hate that?! I'm a pretty oily girl, but this stuff doesn't make me more oily and I feel like it has helped with my grease / oil a whole lot! I won't mind splurging on this again. Sure beats out my other face wash products!

Cerave Moisturizing Cream: AKA Cerave in a tub. I've seen so many people rave about this that I bought into the hype and I am sure glad I did. This moisturizer has beaten out my all time favorite Olay product. I will continue to buy this as long as Cerave promises to keep making it. It goes on lightly and a little bit goes such a long way. It doesn't make me feel oily / greasy and it absorbs into my skin in a matter of seconds. Pairing this with the Hydrating Cleanser is probably my favorite mix.

Lorac Unzipped: I just NEEDED to have this. The colors in here are in the same color range as the ones I used up in my Naked 1 palette. I use this palette every single day. I haven't even given any other eyeshadow a second thought. It's so versatile for day and night and UGH I am so disgustingly obsessed with it. I can't even put into words the love I have for this baby. I never ever want it to run out.

TonyMoly Gloss Bar: I have mine in Juicy Peach and gosh I love this! I received it as a gift and I haven't stopped using it since I opened it. The color is sheer light pink that can be buildable! I use this a lot while I'm working because it adds some color and makes me lips feel less chapped. Not sure if it is actually making them more hydrated, but they sure as heck feel like it! The smell is really light and sweet, but not overpowering. I'm so happy I have this gloss. I know there are other color options so I plan on picking up another one when I can.

Beauty Blender: Holy smokes. I didn't know what I was missing. This "sponge" is way over priced, so you're better off ordering the two-pack off of amazon with a friend and splitting the cost. Just be careful of knockoffs, read reviews! I bought mine at retail price at Sephora and used it the next day and I will never, ever stray from this beautiful invention. Everything going on flawlessly and smoothly and I put in little to no effort! I own an imitation brand thinking it would be the same, my god was I wrong.

TheBalm Instain Blush: I heard a few reviews about this and after falling madly in love with packaging I had to try it. I went with the color Toile, a strawberry-ish color. I don't think I ever want to use another blush again. That is, unless I'm in a rush because other blushes don't require much looking when applying. Use too much of this and you will look like a clown. And it stains, sorta, so be careful and blend quickly! Not to mention the pigment is to die for!

TheBalm Bahama Mama: I bought this because it's a matte bronzer in cute packaging. That's all it had going for it because reviews I read about light skinned people using it just weren't good. I was happily surprised when this was everything I wanted and more! I was a fan of my Hoola by Benefit, but Bahama Mama is just so much cheaper. I'm sure I'll end up picking up Hoola though, but probably not to replace this. Again, a little goes a long way and it's so buildable and wearable and perfect!

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: TheBalm is seriously running the show this January. This Luminizer is perfect! I've had such a hard time finding one that will actually work with contouring. The others I tried were too sparkly or didn't show up on my pale skin, but this? This is everything and more! Did I mention I love the packaging? It's not a bronzy luminizer and a little goes such a long way. So knowing I spent the money and this and knowing I'm actually getting my moneys worth is a fantastic feeling.

Maybelline Baby Face Primer: Picked this up on a whim because of all the hype about it. I really enjoy it, especially for the price. However, it doesn't really do anything to hide my pores. Bummer. It does make my face feel super smooth and makes foundation & concealer application perfect! I can't tell if I'll be rebuying this again, but I love having!

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation: I picked this up at Sephora because so many people told me it has the same consistency as the Amazonian Clay by Tarte, which I love. Except, KVD was a less thick. I tried a small sample when I was at the store and it was everything I wanted in Tarte. Tarte just didn't deliver. This is now my HG foundation. I use L46 and I will probably cry if they ever discontinue this.


  1. The beauty blender is on my wishlist! And I do agree, it is so overpriced!

    xx, Cathy from http://helllo-cathy.blogspot.com/

  2. Ah I really want to try the Baby Face Primer! Whenever I've gone into Boots to buy it thought it's been sold out :(
    Lovely blog :) xx