Monday, February 3, 2014

LIFESTYLE: Face Routine!

Nothing feels better than a clean face! Up above is a mix of my current face wash routine. I like it thus far, but I'm sure it will end up changing because I like trying new washes because not all work for me the way I'd like them to. I have oily & dehydrated skin so working with it can get difficult. Read more after the break if you're interested read below & if I'll be re-buying after I run out. Or you can just take in the image and go from there.

Make-up removing pads: I keep mine in tupperware because it keeps it from drying out in those weird plastic cases they come in. The ones I use are a mixture of ULTA ones I got for free and just random ones I find. I'm not picky about my make-up remover; as long as it takes my makeup off it's good in my books.

Face wash: Cerave Hydrating Cleanser feels so nice on my skin. I just started using this, but I have seen an improvement in my skin. Weird because I hardly ever see improvements when I use different face washes. Wish this was a tad cheaper, but I love it so much that I'm willing to splurge a little, especially if it keeps working the way it does!

Toner: I use the Thayer's Witch Hazel in Rose Petal. I am DEEPLY in love with this. It doesn't contain alcohol so it wont try out your skin, which is fantastic! It has a nice rose smell, by nice I mean that artificial rose smell that you will either love or hate. I also spritz on some of the LUSH Tea Tree water at this time, too. It helps kill germs, plus if I'm wearing my glasses that day I'll give them a quick spray with it as well.

Lotions: Cerave in a tub, you are my world. I refuse to use another face lotion / moisturizer after using this product! Ugh, my face feels so great after using it and you don't need much at all! It's not greasy feeling and obsorbs into my skin instantly. I really feel like it has a bit to do with my face starting to clear up. I also use the It's Potent! eye cream by Benefit. I will not be buying the full size version of this, I feel like it does nothing for me, but I'm going to keep using it until it runs out.

Oils & Treatments: Grease Lighting by LUSH was a total waste of money. It does nothing except make my face feel really gross. I'm just using it now because I want it to run out so badly. Then I have my Snake Oil by OHWTO. I love this stuff so much and I only use the SMALLEST bit because if I use too much I will be a giant grease slick. Any left over I have on my hand I run through the ends of my hair. Double the usage! Mint Julips by LUSH is my favorite lip scrub! It tastes delicious and comes in different flavors, this one happens to be my favorite. The only thing that stinks about it is that I get it everywhere when I use it. It does it's job though and unlike over lip scrubs I haven't broken out around my lips! 

Won't Be Re-Buying:
Grease Lighting by LUSH
It's Potent! Eye Cream by Benefit


  1. Love the packaging of the rose water - dont think we get that in the UK

    1. Love the packaging because it's sort of vintage looking.
      Awh, maybe amazon or eBay has it!