Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Decided to up the ante on my camera. Going for the Nikon D5200, which also comes with a larger tag of ~$800. If I put away $100 a week I'm looking at about 8 weeks. That's not including tip money, which hopefully I can make a lot of. Not to mention the amount of shifts at work I will need to pick up.

I started going through my closet as well as every other location in my room and decided that to make some extra cash I'm going to start selling some of it online. I have a few outlets in mind including: Reddit and eBay. I am more partial to Reddit because I like the community that I stumbled upon. I know quite a few people sell their clothing through instagram, but I'm a little shaky on that. Instagram doesn't seem all that trustworthy, but then again Reddit can probably be classified the same way.

I ordered a crap ton of flat rate boxes and envelopes, but I also plan on weighing out the smaller and lighter items on the scale at work. That way I can save people a dollar or two when it comes to shipping.

I'm really amped up to start cleaning out my closet and getting ready to sell some of my older clothes and bags! Of course I am still new to this so I will be researching like crazy, but I am so beyond thrilled!

Promise to have a new makeup related post up for you guys a little later today!


  1. You've inspired me to make some more cash, desperately! x

    1. Ugh, too bad I can't make myself! I have saved nothing. I just bought new stuff that I didn't need. Oops!

  2. Wow love your blog! If you would like to see mine and follow me on Bloglovin I always follow back ;)