Saturday, February 1, 2014

HAUL: Those Cursed Drugstores!

Why oh why do drugstores have to be everywhere I go? I just wanted to deposit my paycheck, not spend half of it! Not to mention when things are BOGO 50% or just on sale in general. Ugh, why do I do this to myself? Welp, here we have my drugstore haul of a few days ago. Rideaid & Walgreens are the reasons why I end up broke every week.

Riteaid: I pass Riteaid on the way home from my boyfriends house every morning. Plus, they are the only ones that carry the WnW brow kit that I use. Welp, I went in to grab a Starbucks drink from the drink section and pick up the brow kit while I was there. Little did I know WnW was BOGO 50%. Great. I ended up buying a crap ton of lipsticks in the colors I would never actually buy, two nail polishes, and a clear gloss. Oh! And my brow kit which isn't pictured.

Walgreens: I went in for the WnW black lipstick. Ended up leaving with a purple lipstick and the Almay Color Match foundation. I use this sort of like a BB cream, but not. As in, I only use it on my no makeup makeup days.

Lipstick Colors:

  • Cherry Picking
  • Pagan Angel
  • Lavender Voltage (LE)
  • Dollhouse Pink
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Pinkerbell
  • Don't Blink Pink
  • Ravin' Raisen
Nail Colors:
  • Bite the Bullet
  • Ebony Hates Chris

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  1. I really want to try wet n wild products! Sadly can't get them anywhere near me though